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“I believe that, like our ancestors before us, there is no limit
to what we can achieve. With the power of "KNOWLEDGE OF SELF"
we too can be the architects of mind boggling structures,
establish flourishing civilizations, and build and maintain great nations.
It is my hope that "BLACKOPOLY" will not only provide some of the tools
needed to do so, but also be a small example of these feats
and act as a catalyst in making them a reality.
It is also my hope that "AFRO KIN"(meaning Black/African family)
will assist in the efforts to create a globally unified African identity,
which I believe is the most important step towards the liberation and success
of the people of the diaspora. Last, but not least,
hope to inspire and influence the masses of Black/African
people to gain a true "KNOWLEDGE OF SELF",
study and learn from our history's past, plan for the future,
and know no bounds.

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